Our Purpose

AfterPlant is a way for us to share with you our community and knowledge. It came through a vision when asking how to best use our resources and skills to serve God, nature and humanity.

We are healing facilitators that have first hand experience with Plant Spirit Medicine and we know the importance and recognize the demand and benefit – to the individual and the greater good – of supporting plant initiates in the process of integration. Assisting each other to move through transformational grief and other purifications that happen after an awakening.  As well as to ground in newly discovered spiritual truth into this earthly plane with grace and ease. 

People are turning to Plant Spirit Medicine for help at this karmic tipping point on earth. We see this as an initiation process for select soul groups living on earth and we are in service to collaborate with these humans to assist them in the integration and elevation process.

We have been on the path working with Plants Medicine, Elders, Indigenous People, Masters, Medicine providers, Integrative Tools and Processes for more than 20 years – some people in our community more than 30. With intentions for the greatest good of all of humanity and in service to nature and God we are inspired to share with you what we have learned and what we have been sharing in one-on-one and group settings.  We are being asked to reach a larger audience.  We understand that things are moving faster and that we are at an interesting time where we are emerging from the long standing customs of the past into a paradigm where we get to bring forward what works in creating solutions for the beautiful existence we are all co-creating. 

After over a decade of working and intimately living with indigenous peoples, in tribes and spiritual communities we have experienced the true value of knowledgable, honest, loving and respectful community especially in support of integrating an awakening and nurturing continued growth.  In indigenous tribes and villages integration is so integrated through the community that the people do not need to call it integration. It just is. 

One might say that we have been learning from these communities who are living more integrated and learning about their ways of being in order to offer another way that works to our broader reach. 

Our vision

AfterPlant’s vision is to share the message of integration to those who are ready to receive the transmission that it is our first nature, deeply integrated into the very being of who we truly are, ingrained in our culture and not separate from the awakening process. Sparking the remembrance that we are integrated. We are whole, we are one and one with all. 

We also understand from a pragmatic vantage point that this is an inside job first and foremost and therefor it starts with self-first.  

We share this message by holding a high spiritual intention, a morphogenetic field and a technological space with very tangible ways to bring the abstract into reality – into the heart, into the body, into practice and into action.

We do this through:

Supporting individuals  through our open platform called AfterPlant Community. A Social Networking and Educational Platform (and mobile app) which contains collaboration from hosts, moderators and members who are Elders and Expert sharing wisdom through Courses, Articles, Videos, Resources, Calls and Workbooks.

Supporting Visionaries (and their guests) with technology, software (online platform and mobile app) and templates that are integrative and supports awakening integration – on our private membership network called AfterPlant Premium.

Designing private networks for facilitators, spiritual organizations and groups to have their very own integration community platform. 



AfterPlant, Founder 

“Integration is integrity, it’s a way for you to honour and receive the gifts you have asked the universe for.”

our community members

Are devoted heart and mind to learning, self-discovering and doing the work required for ongoing pursuit of self-mastery. 

Are ready to align with their soul, nature, higher frequencies, ancestors, higher consciousness, the universe and the vibration of creation so that everything in life can just flow.

Are soul-family and friends who are ready to build solid foundations and relationships through engagement that           supports co-elevation.

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our facilitator Members


The facilitators in AfterPlant Groups are on a spiritual mission and care about the wellbeing of the people they hold space for, not just for a night, but long after they leave the ceremony. 

Are soul family and friends who are ready to build solid foundations and relationships through heart-led engagement and collaboration that supports co-elevation.

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